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Not sure where to begin? Want to know more about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and how your organisation can pledge? Let us guide you through the entire portal.
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The SDG Indicator Wizard helps you determine which Sustainable Development Goal(s) and Targets relate to your work, and which Indicators you can track in conjunction with your own indicators to measure your work's impact. comparable.

Biji-Biji and GCMY Tackles Sustainability in Asia

Biji-Biji, a social Enterprise that specialises in creative custom design and education, promotes sustainability in Malaysia together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY). The product of a partnership between the GCMY, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and Biji-Biji is predicated on the increasing recognition that the growth of the social enterprise sector not only […]

Jocom MShopping and GCMY Creates Potential To Feed More

Jocom MShpping, an M-Commerce platform specialized in online groceries and shopping has revolutionized the way people buy groceries and shopping online. Providing a convenient way to assist traditional business, Jocom MShopping provides the platform of latest technology connecting rural farmers, traders and vendors with affluent consumers via e-commerce. Together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY), […]

Learning For A Sustainable Future Together with GCMY and Edudios

Learning for a sustainable future is the core belief of Edudios, an organisation who has introduced the School Interactive System (SIS), a procedure breakthrough that will transform the organisation of preschool, primary and secondary institutions throughout Asia. Together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY), Edudios is on a mission to reorient education and learning so […]

CIMB Malaysia Banks On Sustainability Issues Aligned with SDGs

CIMB Bank Malaysia has strengthened its interest in operating a sustainable business model in accordance with UN’s Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). By committing to ten principles relating to environmental protection and anti-corruption as well as human and labour rights, CIMB Bank has channelled its work with GCMY to understand today’s environmental […]

Energy A More Sustainable Bet For Malaysia’s Future

How Sarawak Energy Board and GCMY are coming together Sarawak Energy Board (SEB) has provided electricity access to half a million people since 2010. At the same time, XX% of rural Sarawak has no electricity, and XX% people depend on for cooking and heating. Without affordable and reliable energy services, hours are wasted, agricultural productivity […]