Biji-Biji, a social Enterprise that specialises in creative custom design and education, promotes sustainability in Malaysia together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY).

The product of a partnership between the GCMY, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and Biji-Biji is predicated on the increasing recognition that the growth of the social enterprise sector not only holds the promise of contributing to the world’s sustainable development goals but also presents a financially and strategically valuable investment opportunity.

Unlocking this potential allows social enterprises like Biji-Biji who are intentional about applying the mechanics of entrepreneurship to solving problems.

Biji-Biji has designed and built art installations, furniture, handbags that are unique and often incorporate discarded or rejected materials. These sustainable builds and installations are often integrated with custom electronics for more interactivity and engagement.

Recently, Rainforest World Music Festival collaborated with Biji-biji to fully utilise waste and upcycle said waste into fashionable products specially made for Rainforest World Music Festival attendees in 2017, and so improving sustainability and lessening landfill waste.

“We must build and strengthen ecosystems that allow the right mix of information, resources and trust to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If we do this, we can better align incentives to form long-lasting collaborations that address the goals with less waste in time and money,” said XXX [Insert spokesperson name]