Jocom MShpping, an M-Commerce platform specialized in online groceries and shopping has revolutionized the way people buy groceries and shopping online. Providing a convenient way to assist traditional business, Jocom MShopping provides the platform of latest technology connecting rural farmers, traders and vendors with affluent consumers via e-commerce.

Together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY), Jocom has commited to ensuring the message of sustainability is reaching individuals on a personal level. Pioneering a change and growth in the mobile commerce seen, the app has potential to affect real and measurable change to draw individual rural farmers into an alliance, so they can enjoy a scale effect from e-commerce.

Jocom further pledges to make life better for people of the planet with no poverty, zero hunger and gender equality while simultaneously decreasing and reversing any negative footprints on the environment, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Sustainability is key when discussing food and the production of food. Apps like Jocom is important to use technology to solve issues and serve as innovative tool to drive sustainability and bridge a way to bring safe food and opportunities to rural areas,” said XXX [Insert spokesperson name]