Learning for a sustainable future is the core belief of Edudios, an organisation who has introduced the School Interactive System (SIS), a procedure breakthrough that will transform the organisation of preschool, primary and secondary institutions throughout Asia.

Together with UN Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY), Edudios is on a mission to reorient education and learning so that everyone has the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development, and make a difference.

Education, under UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is an essential which Edudios aims to achieve by 2030 to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Education is both a goal in itself and a means for attaining all the other SDGs. In addition to it becoming an integral part of sustainable development, it is also a key enabler for it and represents an essential strategy in the pursuit of the SDGs.

“Our mission is to use technologies to pave the way for parents and children to have borderless distance communication. To achieve that, Edudios have introduced an education system service to all schools.”

“Championing learning for a sustainable future, requires making an informed decision, and responding to local and global challenges to meet our education for sustainable development goals,” said XXX [Insert spokesperson name]